Information for Membership

1. A set of documents, including an application and attachment thereto, should be submitted by a Prospective Member to the Partnership office: Novatorov St., house. 7A, p. 2, 119421. Submission of the Membership Application means that the legal entity has reviewed all the documents and requirements of the Partnership and undertakes to follow them.

2. The Prospective Member will pay the fees in accordance with the resolution of the General Meeting of Members of SRO NP «Energy System Design» (extract from minutes № 8 of 08.09.2010 and № 9 of 07.12.2010)   

The Partnership has established the following payment procedure and amount of fees:
- admission fee – 300,000 (three hundred thousand) rubles;
- compensation fund fee – 150,000 (three hundred thousand) rubles;
- membership fee – 33,000 (thirty seven thousand) rubles per month.

If a Member is granted a permit for particular construction activities (general contracting), the amount of the compensation fund fee will depend on the cost of the capital construction project where the Member in involved. See the table.

Procedure of payment:
- the admission fee should be paid within 3 (three) business days as of the invoice; the compensation fund fee should be paid within 5 (five) days as of the resolution of the Accreditation Committee to grant Membership;
- membership fees should be paid on a quarterly basis, before the first month of the reporting quarter.

3. Within 3 days as of payment of mandatory fees, the Member will be issued a Competency Certificate and the Member’s details will be entered in the Register of the Partnership Members. The Membership date is the date of the entry in the Register of the Partnership Members.
Upon a written request of a Member, the Partnership should provide an extract from the Register proving membership in the Partnership.

4. In accordance with the “Third party liability insurance requirements of SRO NP «Energy System Design» (approved by minutes №18 of 22.08.2013 of the General Meeting of the Partnership Members), a prospective Member must have the third party liability insurance cover with respect to the work having influence on safety of capital construction projects and for which this organization plans to get a Work Permit.