Structure of SRO NP «Energy System Design»

STRUCTURE OF SRO NP «Energy System Design»

  • Nedovichenko Alexander Andreyevich- the Council chairman – the Director general of «Inzhenergoproyekt» JSC
  • Members:
    • Obukhov Anatoly Petrovich – Director of «Rosenergoproyekt» LLC
    • Dmitriev Andrey Yuryevich – Counsellor of «Inzhenergoproyekt» JSC
    • Kokorin Andrey Arkadyevich – Counsellor of  «KVANT» LLC
    • Todirka Stepan Nikiforovich – Adviser of «Rosenergoproyekt» JSC
    • Shestopalov Pavel Vasilyevich – Adviser of PMP «Energozashchita» JSC
    • Stalevsky Andrey Stanislavovich – Director general of managing director of "Energosetproect -NN" JSK
  • Executive body:
    • The Director general – Murzintsev Dmitry Leonidovich